What is NZ Ice Cream Week?

An entire week dedicated to celebrating the quality of NZ-made ice cream and the role ice cream plays in our lives. It culminates in Ice Cream Sundae on Sunday 17 November, which is our national ice cream day.

NZ Ice Cream Week is a chance for everyone to get excited about ice cream with summer just around the corner, and to get behind local ice cream makers.

Thereís something for everyone when it comes to ice cream. Kiwis eat more ice cream than just about anyone else in the world and itís no wonder because New Zealand ice cream is the best in the world, made from our top quality dairy and other locally sourced ingredients. NZ Ice Cream Week is an opportunity for Kiwis to celebrate the quality of NZ Ice Cream and the role it plays in our lives.

NZ Ice Cream Week and the NZ Ice Cream Awards are run by the NZ Ice Cream Manufacturersí Association (NZICMA), which also holds its Annual Conference during NZ Ice Cream Week
NZ Ice Cream Week, 11-17 November 2019

NZ Ice Cream Awards

Winners announced!

The 2019 NZ Ice Cream Awards winners

NZICMA Annual Conference
13 & 14 November - Auckland

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Whatís happening during NZ Ice Cream Week?

This week of celebration is a great opportunity for Kiwis to tuck in, try some new flavours and really appreciate what makes NZ Ice Cream so special.

Itís also a great chance to show support for local ice cream makers, suppliers and communities across New Zealand who are involved in making our much-loved frozen treat.
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