The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association
The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association
Information for Members of the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association (NZICMA).

Training Courses

Tharp & Young On Ice Cream, Asia/Pacific Edition
5 - Day Course
June 17-21, 2019

6th Asia/Pacific Edition, presented by Dr. Bruce Tharp, Tharp's Food Technology Wayne, PA. and Dr. Steven Young, Steven Young Worldwide, Houston, TX.
Course host & organiser:
Food Science and Technology Programme
National University of Singapore
Singapore 117543
Enquiries: Ms Lee Chooilan

Tharp & Young "On Ice Cream" North American Edition
4 - 6 December, 2019

Embassy Suites Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USA
The 3-day Tharp & Young "On Ice Cream" program offers all the key elements of the science, technology, and manufacturing of ice cream and other frozen desserts. Dr Bruce Tharp and Dr Steven Young.

Penn State Ice Cream Short Course
January 2020

The Nittany Lion Inn, University Park, PA, USA
The oldest (since 1892), best-known, and largest educational program dealing with the science and technology of ice cream. 7-day course. Penn State University Food Science, Dr Robert Roberts.


Recommended reference book: Tharp & Young On Ice Cream: An Encyclopedic Guide to Ice Cream Science and Technology
Launched in October 2012, this new reference book in encyclopaedia format covers all elements of ice cream technology in a user friendly format and approach. Authors Dr Bruce Tharp and Dr Steven Young are world authorities on ice cream science and technology, and principals of the respected Tharp & Young "On Ice Cream" training programmes.

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2019 AGM

Our AGM will be held in Auckland on 22 July 2019.

2019 Annual Conference

The Association is now holding its Annual Conference and presentation of the NZ Ice Cream Awards during NZ Ice Cream Week.

The Annual Conference will be held on the 13 & 14 November at the Grand Millenium, Auckland.

The NZ Ice Cream Awards Dinner will take place on the Thursday evening, 14 November.

Members - please check your listing details under MEMBER COMPANIES, and if you require any changes, email them to the Executive Office at

Guidelines for the development of a Food Safety Programme (Food Act 1981) or a Risk Management Programme (Animal Products Act 1999) for Ice Cream

-formerly the Interim Code of Practice for the development of a Food Safety Programme (Food Act 1981) or a Product Safety Programme (Dairy Industry Act 1952) for Ice Cream.

The New Zealand ice cream industry quality and food safety standards, based on the Code of Practice developed by the NZICMA, and previously administered by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

Note: the references in this document do not apply to the new Food Act 2014.

These Guidelines are owned and administered by The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association (Inc) (NZICMA).

The templates and other information in these Guidelines may be used for the purposes of designing, implementing, operating, and maintaining a Food Safety Programme (FSP) or Risk Management Programme (RMP).

RMP template: Dairy processors - Ice cream, domestic supply
Guidance for manufacturers of ice cream for the domestic market who wish to register a Risk Management Programme

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Contact MPI
Contact details for the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), including contacts for food recalls:
MPI Contacts (.pdf)
MPI website
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